A unique blend of sweet, spicy, and fruity scent of vanilla, ginger, and chamomile sets you in a happy balance between passion and inner peace.


A work of hands from earth to Amacyn extracted and transformed to a multifaceted arrangement of natural premium quality herbs and botanical. Crafted to a brilliant masterpiece of natural eau de parfum.

Our product is 100% all natural plant extracts and pure essential oils (no synthetic chemicals and solubiliser) distilled to perfection. No animal testing (cruelty free) and our package is environmentally friendly (no plastic).


Ingredients: Pure perfume grade natural sugar cane alcohol. Aromatherapy grade, 100% pure essential oils and absolutes. Natural plant extract. Vegetable glycerine (Gluten & GMO free). Sourced from trusted Australian producers.


Wholesale prices starts at $124 for 30ml, $174 for 50ml, $206 for 100ml. The price decreases as the quantity order increases. Please email hello@amacyn.sydney to get the correct wholesale price for the quantity you wish to order. Provide your ABN number and shop address to get a quote.


I Am Bliss

  • Natural Perfume Notes: Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla), anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile), citrus lmonum (Lemon), cymbopogon martinii (Ginger Grass), and citrus riticulata (Tangerine).



    • A perfume for men and women
    • Sweet floral and slightly citrus
    • It can be worn on all season