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Melissa Vella - Sydney , NSW

"I have now Purchased a few different varieties of the perfume to try, and the feedback I've received from other has been crazy. It's also nice to wear something organic and natural without all the chemical."


Melissa loves I Am Strong and I Am Rhythm

Brett Morley - Sydney, NSW

"A great natural scent. Highly recommended to all the husbands looking to surprise their wives with an amazing natural scent. My wife loves it. Thank you!"


Brett and his wife love all AMACYN perfumes. His favourite is I Am Music and I Am Free while his wife favourite is I Am Passion.

Peter - Owner of Mangia E Bevi

"Amazing fragrances. I can smell the passion. I bought I Am Kind and I Am Love for my wife and she loves it. I bought I Am Sempre Vivo for myself it's amazing. I don't buy off the shelf perfume. I like to have quality premium high-end perfume that is not mass produced. Amacyn handmade 

perfumes are unique and differentiate you from the rest when you wear them. It gives you a unique identity."

June - Yoga Instructor

"Sampling these beauties today and we love all the scents!!! I Am Bliss is my favourite."

Sharon Bousfield - Melbourne, VIC

"Absolutely gorgeous to wear!"

L. Horrigan - Sydney, NSW

"This is great natural perfume. I don't know of any other company in Sydney who are doing this. I purchased a few bottles at the MBS festival and have been wearing them daily. I would recommend them to everyone."

Medina Hawkes - Sydney, NSW

Thank you for making my new signature perfumes! I Am Bliss by day and I Am Gentle by night. Easy to wear, doesn't trigger my allergies while also being unique. I love them.

Pascale Rajek - Curator, The Creative Space Gallery

"Australia in a bottle!"

Lavinia Humphrey - Sydney, NSW

"I am happy to pay 130 AUD for a 30ml of I Am Love and I Am Bliss. This perfume is better than other commercial and high-end perfumes out there and it is very well priced. It is  a bargain relative to price and quality "


Anna - Sydney, NSW

"Ï bought I Am Gentle and I Am Bliss. I Am Gentle feels like I am walking in a garden. It is very natural. I hope you will enjoy your experience with Amacyn perfumes because I do"

Gemma King - Sydney, NSW

I purchased 'I am bliss' and 'I am gentle' from the markets and they were beautiful! Other brands of natural perfumes are too heavy and old fashioned but these perfumes are nice, modern and softer:) thank you Amacyn!

Rio - Tokyo, Japan

"I love I Am Ascent because it is fresh and unique"

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